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Financial analysis and proper risk management for Companies

The main target 1. is to increase competitiveness by using models for Financial analysis of customers and suppliers and proper management of Risks, particularly in satisfaction of customers and suppliers. With our consulting support you will become a reflex of regularly collection of your receivables from the customers and to require timely and correct deliveries from the suppliers.
The main target 2. is to focus attention to issues that restrict profitability. Management based on the constant search and removal of bottlenecks in key processes of the company, oriented primarily to the increase the real earnings (not the imaginary turnover) while generating high quality for the customer, making you unique.

-What we offer:

Financial Analysis, assessment and management of risks for companies dealing with business partners, on single project basis or analysis based on monthly subscription and system monitoring. The product in particular contains:

Monitoring of the own business through the prism of several risks and their proper provision.

-appetite for more deals vs increasing risks;

-Increase of the portfolio vs quality and "healthiness" of the portfolio;

-Proper management of flows of information and statistics (including revenues, expenses, earnings, future expectations and forecasts);

Risks. Proper risk assessment and implementation of financial and credit analysis. Type of risk assessment;

-Legal, Financial and credit analysis of customers and suppliers; varieties;

-Financial and credit analysis of the own activities in its entirety;

-Correct provisioning; Public Information and Records;

Proper relationship management with suppliers and customers. Evaluation, Monitoring of risky operations.

-Advising ensuring the regularity and correctness of supply;

-Advising extrajudicial and judicial debt collection;

-Advising the sale of part of the portfolio. Secondary realization.

-ЗWhy do we need this?

Last business analyzes show that modern company (whether micro, small, medium or large) before to secured an accountant and legal adviser must have an experienced financial analyst and risk manager, or the activities of the above mentioned two fast can became meaningless for the company.

Because together we will increase your competitiveness. We will learn the Financial analysis and proper management of Risks to become conscious normal daily process.

Because we will increase both the satisfaction of your customers and suppliers, and yours, as a result of regular collection of receivables from the first and timely and correct deliveries from the others.

Because the market barely offers a similar service for micro, small and medium businesses.

Because you can grow through real profit, and not imaginary turnover.

Because we are loyal and confidential to our customers.

Every customer is entitled of one day free consulting. Prices for services are dependent on whether looking for a single project analysis or monitoring on a monthly subscription.

The price for a single analysis of a customer / supplier / partner:


-75 BGN without VAT if the customer / supplier / partner is a company with a turnover of up to 1 Mio. BGN;

-125 BGN without VAT if the customer / supplier / partner is a company with a turnover of up to 5 Mio. BGN;

-250 BGN without VAT if the customer / supplier / partner is a company with a turnover exceeding 5 Mio. BGN;

Negotiable by foreign customer / supplier / partner.

Prices for systematic monitoring of monthly basis, determined depending on the number of customer / supplier / partners with whom your company works:

-350 BGN without VAT for the first month and 200 BGN without VAT for each subsequent month by 10 customer / supplier / partner;

-550 BGN without VAT for the first month and 300 without BGN VAT for each subsequent month up to 30 customer / supplier / partner;

-Negotiable by over 30 customer / supplier / partner and in case of foreign customer / supplier / partners.

I am Borislav Todorov. Since 2002 I am a member of the Management Board and from 2011 a Co-Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Leasing. From 2002 until now I am working for the Leasing industry in various positions, including CEO in leading Bulgarian companies dealing with Leasing. I am participating as a lecturer in Leasing in co-programme oft the Sofia University with the University of Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV and in Seminars organized by University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF), KRIB, Varna University of Economics, the International Banking Institute, Kitov Center. I am author of the book "The leasing business - Financial and Legal Theory and economic practice."

In June 2015 I joined as a member the Arbitration Court at KRIB. In November 2015 on the CEIBG ceremony I received the award Mr. and Mrs. Economy 2015 in the category "Finance and Insurance". In 2016 I became a member of the Commission for Conciliation disputes in financial services to the Commission for Consumer Protection.

I have a team of professionals with already more than 10 years guarantee the success of our customers. For us, every client is unique in itself and we do not try to "put" our views and models but to find a fitting form for his business.

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