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-You always have a new, reliable and secure vehicle at your disposal.

-You choose the automobile according to your preferences for brand, model, engine, colors, extras, etc. We order it from the official importer especially for You.

-You can organize your auto-park with the vehicles best suited for You and Your employees, without having to consider or restrain yourself with the brands and models – we work with all importers of new automobiles.

-You decide the duration of the term of contract for a particular vehicle. The possibilities for an Operative leasing contracts of Leasing Services EOOD are between 12 and 60 months.

-You don't pay in advance for the vehicle in the manner of a direct purchase. Thus Your company's capitals are not significantly decreased.

-You don't have a starting payment like the financial leasing, and you don't block any finances.

-We don't require additional financial guarantees, mortgages or risks with binding with loans.

-The monthly leasing payments are considered to be current expenses for external services.

-You lower the taxation for Your company through monthly deductions of leasing payments from Your taxable income.

-The leasing payments are monthly and equal for the entire duration of the contract, and their size depends on the external factors of the contract. You can plan your expenses in perspective.

-The full maintenance and servicing is organized by Leasing Services EOOD, so You don't need to search for, negotiate and purchase spare parts, oils and tires, thus having unforeseen expenses.

-There is no chance for Your automobile to be uninsured or lacking maintenance – we take care of everything related.

-Depending on the chosen conditions for a contract, Leasing Services EOOD can arrange for replacement vehicles, eliminating the chance for hindrances for your business if Your main vehicle is under maintenance.

-Depending on the contract conditions You chose, after the end of the contract you will not have any additional expenses or engagements for the vehicle to make it a personal vehicle, re-sell it, service it, etc. You can also just order a new one.

-You work with a company that specializes in the field – us. We will get you closer to the financial products and investment opportunities in Bulgaria. We offer you German quality with 22 years of experience behind our back. Get informed today – call us. Your leasing gives you enough freedom and your bank rating remains the same. You also receive tax concessions. The main philosophy of our company is to be independent from banks and producers. Thus we retain our flexibility, combined with our knowledge of the market development, and we offer financial decisions according to the demand.

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